Fishing For Walleyes using Planer Boards:Check Out These Simple Steps To Fish With Planerboards!

Published: 10th July 2009
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Planer boards work great for suspended walleye or when the walleye are schooled very close to shore. The key to using planer boards is to get your bait as far away from the boat as possible. Do not get the idea that to be a successful walleye fisherman that you need to fish with planner boards, that is not the case you can be very successful without them. The thing is planner boards for walleye add a new dimension to your walleye fishing arsenal.

To be successful when fishing with planer boards you need to have your board blades finely tuned and stable at all times. A planer board should be able to plane smoothly in rough spots, and should be able to perform well at the slower speeds that are often used while trolling for walleye. A great walleye bait to use when running boards at any depth is any type of crankbait. Try going slow with these. By now you have figured out that you need to have your planer boards fine tuned for slower speeds when you are fishing for walleye because the majority of your time will be spent trolling for walleye at slower speeds. Keeping your boards in top shape will help them to be able to plane smoothly and perform very well at these slow speeds.

It is very important to assume that you will need to experiment and very your depths until you find the walleye's location. Keep close attention to your depthfinder and fish finder to identify where to set your depths. Experimentation is very important to find your walleye catching sweet spot.

Using snap weights are an absolute must here. They make it easy to tie weight just one time, and they're crucial to your success. When it comes time to change weights, because of snap weights it becomes only a matter of pressing a release.

One of the most common questions about using planerboards for walleye is "how far back should your walleye bait and your weight be from the planer board? This is an excellent question but there is no definite answer because it will depend on how active the walleye are on any given day. Sometimes the walleye are very aggressive fish. It is very important to move your walleye bait in closer to the boards, as close as 15 feet. When the walleye are in there quirky moods which happens from time to time, it is very important to set your weights farther away from your baits than usual. When you first get out on the water and start marking fish, set your baits at 40 feet. This setting will give you a good starting point if adjustments need to be made. This will make adjustments easy, and you'll be starting at a good mid-point.

Here's a question many walleye fisherman ask with regularity "what would I need to get started fishing with planer boards?"?" A basic planer board setup will consist of several boards, rod holders, snap weights and a couple of rods each about 7ft armed with 10 to 12 pound test


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