Walleye Fishing Jigs:Why Vertical Jigging Catches Walleye

Published: 12th March 2009
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Old School Walleye Fishing Family Secrets

Vertical Jigging For Walleye

You will be amazed how many walleye artificial lures designed to work in different situations there are but by far the most universal artificial that constantly catches walleye is the lead head jig manufactured with the walleye in mind. A walleye jig is a natural choice for walleyes because it is easy to keep on the bottom where the fish spends most of their time.

Among the most versatile of artificial lures for walleye , a walleye jig can be fished many different ways.You can anchor your boat and cast for walleye,you can drift your boat and use bottom bouncers or do vertical jigging techniques for walleye, or you can do a slow troll using either bottom bouncers or plain jigs. Also you can fish a walleye jig tipped with live bait or plain, it depends how the walleye are biting that day.

Jigging Vertically For Walleye Tips And Techniques

You want to use a walleye fishing jig that is heavy enough to keep your line vertical when the jig hits the bottom. The jig needs to bounce gently off the bottom as you move in either situation.You will need to let your drift or troll gently bounce your walleye jig along the bottom contour. It is very important that you adjust your line length to adjust for depth changes. If the bottom get shallower, reel in line and if the bottom gets deeper let more line out. Make sure your line stays vertical at all times, this is very important if you want to feel a walleye's bite. Walleyes are very light biters so you need to be able to see the slightest change in your line. The change I am talking about is any slight difference from the routine movement of the line from the jig bouncing off the bottom.If you see a change immediately set your hook, with a quick jerk upward.

Probably the best time to use a vertical jigging for walleye technique would be in deeper water situations.Casting for walleye in deeper water is really not a got walleye fishing technique.It is difficult to get your walleye jig to bounce off the bottom in a consistent pattern because of the angle the jig is at on the retrieve, when you vertical jig, this angle is a constant and consistently the same, And the jig bounces much higher. Subtle little difference such as more action from the jig bounce off the bottom can be the difference of you catching fish or not.

Another reason vertical jigging for walleye works so well is you feel walleye strikes much easier.The reason is you are using less line and line stretch does not slight-en the feel of a walleye strike.

Vertical jigging for walleye is very effective when fishing in rivers or lakes. In a lake , jig vertically while letting the wind push your boat over hidden structure. Make sure if you are in a river that you drift with the current. You may half to slow your drift enough so your walleye fishing jig bounces nicely off the bottom.

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